Andrea's Story

Here's my story. On Monday March 15, 2004, my cousin Jackie, my friend Christina and I went into the city with one thing on our minds, we were going to meet Dave.

We knew he was going to be presenting Traffic into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The festivities were to be heald at the Waldorf-Astoria. We decided that this was our chance. 

When we got there though, we decided otherwise. There was a red carpet and so many security guards. The best we thought we could do was just wait, even just to get a picture OF him if not WITH him. 

Well, we were walking around scoping out the area, when all of a sudden a black SUV pulls up with Dave in the front seat (we were 5 feet away). So, his driver stops and Dave gets out.

All three of us were yelling "Dave, Dave" He looked at us and came right over...keep in mind there are no security guards. My cousin got his autograph and my friend asked for it also.&n! bsp; He said, "sure, what's your name?". She said, "Christina". He said "K or C?". 

Anyways, he then looked at me and I said I didn't have anything to sign, but could I have a hug. He, being as generous and humble as he is said, "Of course you can, thank you". He then hugged me for no joke, like a full minute. Even Christina and Jackie could vouch for that. They said the whole time he was hugging me he was looking down and listening to what I was saying. I just kept thanking him for him music and telling him how much it has changed my life. 

After that we all gave him a little gift and he was soooo happy and kept saying "thanks you ladies are sooo generous". Then as we were getting ready to take the picture, I asked him where the festival was gonna be and he just laughed and gave me an "I'm not gonna tell you" smile.  Then he said he had to go and we said our goodbyes. It was amazing and it was one of the best days! of my life.